Dave’s Miscellanea A Collection of Tales

© Dave Brett 2015 All rights reserved



Many people have written about ‘The Hollow Hills’ and the ‘Realm of Faery’.  However most of them follow the medieval storytellers who were strongly influenced by the church of the new god, Christ.  Many aeons before the race of  man existed, the One God created a race that He hoped, would enliven the globe He had created.  It was a hope already doomed.  The One God knew that this race would fail both him and themselves. He gave them powers that set them above all but Himself, even though He knew that they could destroy themselves.  His only limit was their inbuilt love of their globe and their absolute fear of the void beyond the blue planet.        

Man’s racial memory holds vague pictures of these people, for people they were.  Some built great palace, some lived in vast underground caverns filled with the splendour of gold and precious jewels.  Many names were given to them by the first men, names that have become distorted, names that are now spoken as Angels, Faery and Devils.  All These names reflect the influence the Anguals had on that puny race that eventually led to their demise; mankind.  The race that dispossessed them.  

The Land during the telling of the Fallen