Dave’s Miscellanea A Collection of Tales

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A children's fairy story. The little elf has his first adventure in the Wild Wood

The little elf wandered along the forest path trying to decide what to do.  It was a fine winter’s day, cold but dry and his brothers were busy about their business, as grown-ups were wont to do.  The little elf had become bored with just sitting around listening to all the talk and trying to look interested in something he did not understand.  So, when no one would play with him, he decided to explore.

First he had made his way to the Tree of Power but, although it looked grand, it was just a tree after all.  It was too large to climb even if he could have reached the lowest branches.  Then he went to the black rock standing all alone in a small clearing next to the swiftly-flowing beck that provided the elves with clean, tasty water that was pleasant to drink.  However, on this cold winter’s morning not even the sticklebacks wanted to play.

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Take your children into the enchanting world of the Little Elf as you read this book to them. They will be enthralled as you tell them how the Little Elf makes new friends as he grows up in a wonderful world where the animals of the Wild Wood seek both his help and friendship

It was dark and gloomy in the forest and the little elf soon began to wish that he had stayed with the other elves.  However, the little elf said to himself; “If I cannot take a walk through the forest where all the other elves walk then surely I will never become as tall and as brave as they.  So I must not be afraid for the trees are kind and give us food and all the animals within the forest greet my brothers with kind words when they meet.  Even the great bear and the wolves bow their heads to the large elves.  Therefore they will not harm me.”

With that said, the little elf lifted his head, squared his shoulders and marched through the forest, keeping mainly to the tracks created by the deer and the fox.  Sometimes, however, he would try and climb into the trees as the large elves did but always the branches were too high for him to reach and the trunks too wide for him to climb.

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