Dave’s Miscellanea A Collection of Tales

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The Silver Paths

The Silver Paths were ‘travel corridors’ that enabled instantaneous passage between set locations.  They were accesses through portals, often within the fabric of large trees, but also within caves.  These ‘portals of travel’ were hidden and guarded by the seal of Phul.  Known by the Siofra and most other Anguals as The Silver Paths, they were known by the Eldarin, the Tuatha and a small number of human wizards as The Paths of Power.

Anyone attempting to enter without the correct ‘Words of Power’ would be denied access.  Entry by the use of ‘magic’, in any of its forms, normally resulted in destruction.  All gateways consisted of an outer door leading to an internal chamber that normally bore little resemblance to its outer shell.  Within the gateway chamber stood a number of doors, normally four.  One through which the travellers had entered and three others leading to other places.

One door led to destinations within a hundred leagues.  Another sent the voyager to the prison fastness, Scathach.  That dreadful place was inhabited by Orcs, Weargs and their masters, Drow and Duergar.  These Anguals had degenerated until they were no more than demons with little of their former power and glory.  Few beings, man or elf, who encountered them survived.  

The final doorway led to Edan, the Place of Peace but the key to open that doorway had not been known for many an age.

A coded lock, set into the portal wall adjacent to the door, protected each doorway.  The doorway leading to the ‘local’ destinations used a code specific to each destination.  The code for the portal to the prison fastness, or Scathach as it was known amongst elves and men, was known to few.  Most of those who had known that code had perished within that dreadful place.  The code for Edan had long been forgotten and, although many learned Anguals had sought for access to that promised land, few had managed to bring knowledge of Edan’s code and the location of a portal together.

The Siofra usually entered The Silver Path through a Tree of Power.  Because the room that gave access to the portals were much larger than the girth of the Tree of power, the Siofra would use these rooms as resting or sleeping places.  Many Siofra had taken refuge within a Tree of Power when pursued by enemies who either had no knowledge of these trees or knew not of how to enter them.

Some men had a gift that enabled them to sense a Silver Path then use their Mind Force to ‘walk’ along the periphery of the path for a small distance.  To an observer they disappeared and travelled very fast to where they reappeared.  This practice had many dangers.  If anyone attempted to travel long distances or stayed too long within the influence of the path, they became trapped and madness overcame them.  Some became addicted to travelling the ‘mist’ as the edge of the Silver Path was known.  These poor souls ended up trying to reach the core of the path and became lost forever.

The Sign of Phul