Dave’s Miscellanea A Collection of Tales

© Dave Brett 2015 All rights reserved



Creatures, both human and Angual, who, at the height of emotional intensity, can meld their mind force with that of another being.  To be effective they must be in physical contact.  They then suck the mind force from the other being.  This enables them to be very long living, often believed to be immortal.  The victims are normally drained of their mind force and die very quickly, usually as mindless vegetables.

Held in hatred, contempt and fear by all other beings.

Usually sexual passion is the strongest.

 Fear, in the victims, is an emotion fed upon by both strong and weak Gastbana.  

The weak Gastbana usually work in groups and dwell in caves and other dark or dim places.

Hatred is an emotion preyed upon by very few Gastbana, usually only the strong.

Joy – only one Gastbana has been known to prey on this emotion.

Sorrow – no Gastbana has ever been known to prey on this emotion.

The most famous Gastbana was Ainsell.  She was the daughter of a woodland farmer who had several other children.  She was a beautiful child but had a difficult childhood caused mainly by the hate for her held by most of her siblings.  Suffering abuse, she walked the woods. Her mother gave up part of her life force to Ainsell in order to give her some protection.  A Gastbana met Ainsell in the forest and became enchanted by her beauty.  He did not drain her life force but used it gently, intending to prolong his pleasure.  An oversight caused him to change Ainsell into a full Gastbana then, after he wanted to finish with her, he found that she was too strong for him to drain all her life force.  He allowed Ainsell to travel with him and when they reached a town, he used his powers to gain money, food accommodation and fine clothes.  Ainsell became integrated into the local Gastbana society but eventually gave them up to the authorities by pretending to be a victim.  She founded many groups of power and became mistress or confidante to many leaders of both Gastbana and human society.  She returned to her family whereon, hearing that her father and siblings had killed her mother, she destroyed the all in a horrible fashion by devouring their mind force.