Dave’s Miscellanea A Collection of Tales

© Dave Brett 2015 All rights reserved



In the void Chaos erupted.  Suns, planets, galaxies appeared; energy flared and discordance filled the heavens.  Slowly out of the discordance and eruptions a Consciousness arose and viewed its domain.  At first the disharmony and confusion was life but slowly the Consciousness became aware of thought, of sentience and wished for harmony where there was discord, for order rather than confusion.  So it was that the Consciousness created laws for his domain and brought harmony into being.  Slowly the heavens sang with one voice then the music soared and plunged in harmonious delight and, influenced by this concord, the planets began to slow their spin and cool.  On some, in accordance with the wish of the Consciousness, the conditions for life came into being but life itself lay dormant.

In time the Consciousness surveyed the creation and knew both the beginning and the end.  To that end another essence was created; from the harmony and energy flares the Consciousness moulded life.  Life that would sing with the heavenly choir but could evolve as it wished; and it embraced Ongod as its name.  Time moved and the Ongod delighted in the harmonies and as it moved through the heavens it created new choruses to delight all.  Whenever the planets dormant with life passed its way the Ongod sang new songs that stirred the planets and life, in all aspects of the harmony were created.  Some followed the slow soaring choruses, others raced after the mobile melodies, others were stirred by both and had more than one existence.  The harmonies melded and the Consciousness looked on the composition created by the Ongod and understood.  So it was that the Consciousness decided to create another essence; not from the harmony but from the void, from the chaos that still reigned outside Creation.

From the void and chaos another sentience grew as the Consciousness willed; not to sing in the heavenly chorus but to bring calm and quietude to wherever it was seemly.  It looked at its compeer and loved the Ongod’s beauty.  As it grew it named itself Angod, brother of the Ongod, and it followed the Ongod in all his journeys.  When the Ongod sang and placed harmonies in the heavens the Angod tried to emulate its brother but found that it stilled the chorus and created peace where once there was song, calm where once there was boisterous energy.  The Angod was perplexed, why could it not create songs that soared as did his brother?  Why did his presence still the music and bring calm?  The Angod sang to the Consciousness but only heard ‘You are what you are and will be what you make of yourself’.  So the Angod decided to wander away from his brother and sing his song of peace and quietude within the far reaches of the heavens.  Where there was chaos the Angod brought order and peace, where disharmony trembled to burst forth the Angod stilled the chorus and peace reigned.

However, as the Angod followed the harmonies in the heavens, he saw the fruits of his brother’s enterprise and was dissatisfied with his own.  He thought to himself; ‘My power is as great as my brother’s.  What he can do surely I can do also.  I will make the heavens ring to one of my tunes then my brother will no longer look down on me’.  So the Angod began to sing but found that the sound was discordant and disrupted the harmony within the heavens.  The Ongod came to him and said: ‘Brother, why do you do so?  Why do you bring disharmony?  Is it not enough that you can calm the discordance within the heavens without creating conflict within the chorus?  What you try to do is only within my dominance.  As I cannot bring the still and calm that complements the chorus and brings symmetry into the heavens so you cannot bring song.  If I should try and still the chorus I would only bring such discord as you when you try and sing a song that you have no skill for.  Desist before you destroy all I have built.’  The Angod saw the truth of his brother’s words and his heart filled with grief.  He had destroyed; not built as the Consciousness had asked of him but destroyed.  So the Angod fled from his brother to the far reaches of the heavens and pondered on his actions.

With that, the last of the Duergar and Drow departed to their unfolding fate. and, as the last of them flowed down that glorious tunnel, it fell in on itself and them and bound them within the mantle of the planet

Again the Ongod sang a tunnel of luminescence into being and slowly the Anguals began their journey to a new beginning.  Raphael and Abdiel led the way with Aratron and Astrea.  Many of the Unfallen joined their ranks and, apart from the wailing of those Neutrals who had feared to fight the Rebels, silence followed them down to the surface of the planet. Ithurel lingered with Uriel until only the two of them remained to travel down the luminescence.  Ithurel sang to those that remained and bad them remember what had befallen those who had failed in their duty to the Great Chorus.

“ Remember us well brethren for long after we have diminished to be less than the basest of creatures you will remain in all your glory.  I do not feel dispirited that this is so but rejoice in that we will do much to keep harmony within the Great Chorus.  Remember also what brought us to such a condition.  Always be true to your brethren and keep faith with the harmonies.  Never again let discordance and darkness enter your souls.  For if that should come to pass then our doom will be unbearable.”  

Then side by side Ithurel and Uriel entered the tunnel of luminescence and never again came into contact with their brother Onguals or felt the glory of the Great Chorus.