Dave’s Miscellanea A Collection of Tales

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Rade of the Sluagh

It was writ in the Annals of Bethor that the end of the Angual race would be bloody and bitter.  Even more so as it would come when they had lost their godhood.  At a time when mankind no longer feared them, as they had in the past.  Also written was the doom that one of the Anguals would initiate that destruction with his pride and hatred.  The Anguals would embark on an orgy of war and revenge that would leave few traces of the Angual civilisation.  During the Rade, demons would revisit the world of Man and Angual, even the Elves and Eldarin would be powerless to banish them back to the prison fastness of Scathach that had held them in confinement for aeons.  The Rade of the Sluagh, as it would be known, would last until Angual and Man acknowledged each other’s worth and fought alongside each other in the Final Days; against an enemy that lived from the first days.  

The Annals also hinted at a small hope and of one who would live through the Rade that could save souls.

The Eldarin believed that if the Rade was initiated at a propitious time fewer demons would escape.  As a consequence the Rade would be less bloody and over within a generation. Otherwise, the Rade would last many generations and the Anguals end up as a group of landless wandering tribes, doomed to degenerate into barely more than uncultivated barbarians.

To assist in the propitious initiation of the Rade, the Eldarin sent observers into the Angual clans in the hope that the effects of the Rade could be lessened.  These solitary Anguals were normally Guelfs (Elfs) who had arcane skills and, more importantly, could fit into the society of any other Angual clan.

The Rade was initiated by Asmodi in his hatred of Gualwyr and his desire for revenge.  He deliberately destroyed the ‘glamour’ surrounding the Valley of the Muryans and threw down the walls protecting the city.  As a result, the tribes who had taken to watch over the Valley of Witches were suddenly able to see the valley and its city.  The fighting between the Asmadai who followed Asmodi on the patricide of his father, the Asmodeus, and the rest of the Muryans triggered of an attack by the warlike Khelek.  Asmodi aligned his faction with the tribesmen for he believed that it was the only way he would be able to finish the fighting.  This he had to do if he was to track down Gualwyr and kill him.  In this, he allowed the Shamans to use his Mindforce in their quest for domination over their spirit world.  All they succeeded in doing was to breach the barriers encircling the prison fastness of Scathach.  This enabled some of the Fallen, Drow and Duergar who would not forswear their allegiance to the Angod, to, once again, wage war on the humans who they hated and feared so much.  These were the demons so dreaded by the Ongods latest creation; man.