Dave’s Miscellanea A Collection of Tales

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The Magic Mobile


On a sunny Sunday evening there was a mysterious mobile phone.  It looked like an ordinary phone; it sounded like an ordinary phone and was used like an ordinary phone.  But what happened when no one was looking and everyone was asleep?

This particular mobile phone switches itself on and eats electricity so that it can do things that ordinary phones don’t normally do by themselves.  It plays games such as chess, snakes and ladders, quadropod and black deal.  Most of the time it wins but sometimes it loses.  Then it sulks and decides to explore the house.

No one knows how it moves, not even the phone, but it does move!  Usually it explores downstairs; the living room and kitchen.  Then it tries to climb the stairs. It struggles and struggles and eventually climbs the stairs by jumping little jumps.  Upstairs it explores the boy’s room, the girl’s room and their parent’s room.  It even explores the bathroom.  Once it nearly fell into the bath.  This scared it so much that it never went near the bath again.

Chapter One

One night the boy came into the bathroom and found the phone.  He took the phone downstairs and put it on the kitchen table next to his sister’s MP3 player.  After the boy had returned to bed, the phone was bored.  It tried to talk to the MP3 player but the player did not respond.  Then the phone connected itself to the MP3 player and started to listen to the music.  At one point the phone actually began to dance to the song Micka.

Chapter Two

On Monday morning Mrs Drinkwater, who owned the phone, decided to go shopping.  She put the phone into her shirt pocket.  That was lucky for the phone as it could see what was going on.  Mrs Drinkwater drove her car to the supermarket and parked her car next to the BMW belonging to her neighbour’s son John.  She suddenly remembered that there were lots of gangsters and burglars so she put the phone in her handbag for safekeeping.

The phone was not happy at being kept in the dark so it tried to escape but the handbag was zipped tightly shut. No one was getting into Mrs Drinkwater’s bag (or out of it).  Mrs Drinkwater suddenly felt her bag move so she threw it on the floor.  Perhaps there was a mouse in her bag.  She carefully opened her handbag and realised that there was nothing in there out of the ordinary.  She thought that she was imagining things.  However, the phone seized its opportunity to escape.  It quickly jumped out of the handbag and legged it into the supermarket.

The bright lights inside the supermarket blinded the phone for a few seconds but, as it regained its sight, it was gob smacked at all the goods surrounding it.  After its surprise, the phone began to explore the supermarket. First it explored the chocolate aisle and wished it could eat chocolate like the Drinkwater children.  Then it explored the freezer section and was so cold that it almost froze to an ice cube.  Luckily it ate more electricity and soon warmed up.  After a while it found the mobile phone section and was disappointed that none of the mobile phones were like it was.

Chapter Three

While the phone was looking at the mobile phone display it heard footsteps.  Who was coming?  The mobile phone looked around and saw a huge foot coming around the corner of the aisle.  Immediately the phone jumped to the ground and lay down.  A gruff voice said, “What are you doing down there on the floor?”  Then the mobile phone felt itself being picked up.

The security guard looked at the mobile phone display to see where the mobile phone he had picked up came from.  He saw that none of the display phones were missing and realised that the phone he had picked up must belong to a customer.  The security guard set off to the lost property room to hand in the mobile phone.  At the same time Mrs Drinkwater discovered that she had lost her phone and also set off to the lost property room.

They met at the door of the lost property room.  “Oh you have found my phone”, said Mrs Drinkwater.  “Thank you very much.”  

“About time too, I could have been lost forever,” whispered the phone.

Chapter Four

Mrs Drinkwater and her mobile phone were reunited.  Mrs Drinkwater said, “Thank you for finding my mobile phone.  I thought I would never see it again so I thank you a load.”  

“Goodbye,” said the phone.

The End

On a night when everyone was asleep, the phone decided that it wanted to go to the zoo.  So did the kids in the house.  Find out if they did go to the zoo in the next Issue.

Written by- Charlotte

Illustrated by- Grandpa