Dave’s Miscellanea A Collection of Tales

© Dave Brett 2015 All rights reserved


Our granddaughter was born in 1998 followed by our grandson two years later. They came to spend Friday nights with us and it became a ritual that I would tell them a bedtime story. There came a time when our granddaughter reproached me because, in her words,

“You told that wrong Grandpa. Last time you told us about the Spotty Dog and the Football Match, he scored two goals.  You have to write the stories down so that you tell them properly.”

So I did just that. The results are shown in The Little Elf and Spotty Dog

Later our Granddaughter decided that she would like to tell a story and asked me to help.  “But I want to write the story Grandpa.  You can type it and put in a picture but I want to tell the story.”

We then talked about the story. What would it be about?  Who would be in it ?  Eventually it was decided that She would tell a tale about a mobile phone; a mobile phone that could think and act.  In fact a magic mobile phone.  The story can be seen in The Magic Mobile.

The Little Star was told after the four of us had stargazed one cold early winter evening.  We had watched the stars and I had told our grand children how the stars moved through space.  Naturally they both wanted a story on how a little star learned how to move. So was born the tale of The Little Star