Dave’s Miscellanea A Collection of Tales

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A short story to be told to small children that tells how Spotty Dog has a sausage lunch.

Once there was a dog.  It was not a big dog, nor was it a small dog.  It was a sort of medium dog.  However, it was unusual.  It had one black ear, one yellow ear, a white face and a brown body with yellow spots.

On this day, it had woken late and scrambled out from the roots of the old maple tree to find some breakfast.  It ran out of the park and into the town but did not find anything.  Then it sniffed the air for it could smell a wonderful scent drifting along on the wind.  It was not sure what the smell was but had smelt it before.  So the spotty dog decided to follow this delicious smell and see if it led to food.


A short story to be told to small children that what happens when Spotty Dog decides to help in a football match.

This afternoon the spotty dog could not find anything of interest to be interested in.  That was until he noticed that people were gathering around the football pitch in the middle of the park.  Now that was of interest.  Where there were people there was usually food, especially amongst people watching a football match.  They came prepared to whet their appetites then eat the food they had brought with them; food that a clever dog could beg or otherwise acquire.  Food such as beef burgers in fresh buns or even hot dogs or meat pies or sausages.  The spotty dog sighed with anticipation.  A football match was definitely a thing of interest.

“Oh no you don’t”, said the little old lady as she put the sausages into her shopping bag

Oh no you don’t”, said the butcher as he held onto the little old lady.  

“Oh no you don’t”, said the policeman as he held onto the butcher’s hand that held the knife.  

“Oh no you don’t”, said the two boys as they ran, heads down into the policeman.  

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Again, uproar surged around the referee as the Tow Law Rovers’ players and their supporters demanded that the goal be disallowed.  The referee refused to listen and declared that the result stood.  The disconsolate Tow Law Rovers contingent finally accepted defeat but swore that they would thrash these lucky young so and so’s in the return match.  The Tow Law Rovers’ goalkeeper had to be lifted up and half carried to the bus.  He was heard to whisper, “I don’t believe it happened.  Three goals scored by a scruffy spotty dog.”  Then he burst into tears.  Some said that he never played football again but others said that he just bought a dog that chased any other dog away during football matches.  Who knows for he never played for Tow Law Rovers again.

So if you see a medium sized dog with one black ear, one yellow ear, a white face and a brown body with yellow spots make sure that you don’t play football when it is nearby.  You don’t know what trouble you may cause.