Dave’s Miscellanea A Collection of Tales

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Filled with the desire to expand my writing I started to explore the concept of a fantasy world that started with the fall of the angels and progressed to the age of man and elves.

So the world of the Fallen developed.  The Angual race was the outcome of the ‘angels’ coupling with the daughters of man.  They became known as Elves and Dwarves by the race of man.  The creatures of dread, such as dark elves (Duergar and Drow), Gastbana, Troll and Wearg were also descendants of the ‘angels’.

However I became distracted by research into our family tree.  The writing of The Fallen lost its urgency and for some years I have ignored my writings. Now, as I have reached as far as I can in our ancestry , I have come back to The Fallen

I spent several years researching our family trees and enjoyed the ‘detective’ work.

On my father’s side I found it rather difficult as his ancestors were Irish and information was sparse. I found a third great grandfather who was born in 1790 in County Cork.  All but two of my other great grandparents were also born in Ireland.  The exceptions were born in Scotland circa 1811.

On my mother’s side I reached much further back to my 12th great grandfather who was born in 1538 in Cornwall.  Other ancestors of my mother came from ; County Durham (8th great grandfather born 1686), Northumberland (6th great grandfather born 1700), Cumberland (5th great grandfather born 1726) and Gloucestershire (5th born 1739).  My mother’s grandparents came from County Down.

 My wife's family were all from County Durham or Northumberland. The earliest we found was a 7th great grandparent born in 1664 in County Durham.  There was a multiplicity of sources although many required the painstaking search through pages of records that were available on line.

In 1998 I retired and prepared to settle down to a stress-free life.

Our granddaughter was born that year followed by our grandson two years later. They came to spend Friday nights with us and it became a ritual that I would tell them a bedtime story. There came a time when our granddaughter reproached me because, in her words,

“You told that wrong Grandpa. Last time you told us about the Spotty Dog and the Football Match, he scored two goals.  You have to write the stories down so that you tell them properly.”

So I did just that. The results are shown in The Little Elf and Spotty Dog

Family Tree Why?