Dave’s Miscellanea A Collection of Tales

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 Northern clan who were mountain dwellers and had dealings with some tribes of man. Claimed descent from the Unfallen Phaleg. They had long red ear hair, often plaited. Many warriors plaited head hair in with their ear hair in order to make it appear thicker.  In dealing with man, they would shave it off.


Anguals who lived on lakes and the sea.  Mighty fighters but some families were vicious and cruel.  Ruled by a matriarch. Supposedly descended from the Fallen Astoreth but never publicly affirmed by them.  The Astrai Shaman claimed that the clan ancestor was the Unfallen Phul, Lord of the powers of the moon and supreme lord of the waters. They had long harsh ear hair, usually oiled or waxed and decked with ornaments, often made from the bones of their enemies.


Dwellers in rocks and caves.  Guardians of minerals wealth and jewels and skilful smiths and jewellery makers.  Not unfriendly to man but could be vindictive and malicious.  They are descendants of the Ongod through the Unfallen. Claimed descent from the Unfallen Hagith, the Transmuter of Metals.  They had coarse, very shaggy ear hair normally with a ginger cast.


The Eldar, direct descendants of the Unfallen who had kept their bloodline almost pure and rarely mixed with man. Although not immortal, they were the longest living of the Angual race. Many had grown weary in their task of protecting man and the blue planet from the worst excesses of their fellow Anguals and had sought refuge towards the rising sun, in Edan.  It was said of them, that mortals would be overwhelmed by the music created by their movement.  They had fine, short ear hair, usually silver in colour.

Elf/ Guelf

Solitary Anguals who possessed strong Mindforce powers and the knowledge to use them.  Often served on the Eldar Council or as Shaman to a clan.  Descendants of the Ongod through the Unfallen.  Supposedly descended from the Unfallen Aratron the Alchemist.  Their ear hair varied but from a short distance it gave the appearance of pointed ears.


The clan of Asmodi and Gualwyr’s maternal family.  They were split into two great families who, throughout the ages, had vied for supremacy.  The Asmadai, who were the ruling family at the time of Gualwyr, with Asmodeus the ruling head (and therefore king of the Muryans) and the Gyre family.  Gualwyr’s mother was a member of that family. The Muryans were a proud and warlike clan who praised honour above all. This trait had been distorted over the ages and caused many injustices to occur.  The Asmadai cynically manipulated the Muryans code of honour to achieve their purpose.  A hundred years ago they had caused Gualwyr’s great grandfather to abdicate the throne by an intrigue that forced him to choose between the throne and a taint on his honour.  Asmodi was the first son of the Asmodeus and his designated heir who would automatically succeed if he was unblemished at the time of the Asmodeus’s death.  If Asmodi was scarred facially, the throne could be withheld by vote of the Eldar Council.  The Gyre’s claimed descent from the Unfallen Astrea. The also believed that their blood was untainted by neither Duergar nor Drow blood.  The Asmadai were proud of their Duergar blood and claimed that the blood of the mighty flowed in their veins,  Asmodeus and Belial and even that of Lucifer and Moloc were claimed by some of the more fanatical Asmadai. They had fine short ear hair.


Warrior clan who neither gave nor asked quarter.  Descendants of the Fallen Moloc.  They had long silken ear hair usually ornamented with the bones of their enemies.  


Formerly the Tuatha De Danann. Now dwindled in power and also known by man as the Sidh (Faery).masters of magic. They were the fallen angels, too good for hell, too bad for heaven.  Descendants of the Ongod through the Unfallen Ithurel.  Held in awe by all Anguals and supposed by many to have gone across the Waters in the East.  They were similar to the Eldarin in that they had entry to Edan but their bloodline was not as pure as the Eldarin’s, neither were their powers so great.  But, unlike the Eldarin, they would often take part in man’s struggle against those Anguals who followed the Angod and delighted in bringing chaos and confusion to man.  They had fine short ear hair usually blond/golden.

Siofra/ Shefro

Small trooping fairies. The Little Elf was of this clan.

The Angual Clans